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    ECM... Who Actually Uses This Stuff?

    Posted by Steve Allen

    Sep 9, 2013 11:39:15 AM


    Who uses Enterprise Content Management?

    Data entry and ECM

    Well, it’s a little ironic-my son does.

    My son is attending a university and, of all things, he is a scanner and index data entry operator for his work-study program. He relayed the following to me while visiting.

    He said, “it is the perfect job because I can work whenever I want during standard office hours and there is an endless source of work to keep me busy.
    But…” he added,

    “I have been doing this all year, and I have found some great keyboard short-cuts to make my job easier. This has allowed me to be about twice as fast as a lot of the others and it actually makes my job much easier. I use a bunch of the short-cuts to speed-up my data entry, but then I hate that I still have to use the mouse. I hate the mouse, it slows me down. You should see how I have it all set up to just click it fast.”


    So, what would happen if ALL employees were trained on how to use keyboard short-cuts, and if the system were optimized to not require any mouse operations?


    Then my son said, “but what really frustrates me is that with our last upgrade, they got rid of all the short-cuts and I have to use the mouse for everything and now I am twice as slow and it just makes my job so much harder. I don’t know who approves this stuff, but they don’t use the system.

    Now this last statement may simply be a configuration issue, but it is definitely an ISSUE.


    This brought to mind a lot of questions:

    • Do you focus on who’s really using your systems?
    • What is your process for USER acceptance?
    • How do you document the best practices of your systems?
    • How do you solicit end-user feedback to optimize your operations?
    • How do you train new employees?
    • Does your system require mouse operations for data entry?

    The last two questions are a biggie for data entry. The average data entry operator keys at 8,000 to 12,000 keystrokes per hour.

    Put a mouse into the mix and that can drop to less than 2,000. Add short-cuts and computer assisted data entry can exceed an effective data entry rate of 36,000 KPH.

    At iDatix, we have found that most systems start off running well and optimized for good operation, but over time and with turnover, you can lose expertise, tips and tricks.


    My final question: Is it time to review your operations and discover how can you make things better for the USER?

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