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Lean Tales of the South Pacific 2

February 21, 2013

I am no big fan of government funding for manufacturing. Much better to have government keep out and do less – less regulating, less taxing and less meddling. But if government is going to be involved, my hat’s off to Australia.

The Aussies just announced that they are cutting a billion bucks from their subsidies for big manufacturer R&D, and they are throwing half of it small manufacturing’s way...

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Hey France! "How stupid do you think we are?"

February 21, 2013

By now just about everyone has heard of Titan Tire CEO MorryTaylor's response to French Minister Motebourg's request that Titan consider buying a closing Goodyear plant in France. Taylor lambastes French workers, the unions and the French government in reply.

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In The News This Week

February 14, 2013

But We’re Different

‘We aren’t like Toyota’ is probably the most widely heard rationalization for rejecting lean manufacturing among the executive crowd. Hmmm…

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The Destructive Obsession With the Top Line

February 13, 2013

The folks at Maker’s Mark- the bourbon people – have a problem. Making the stuff takes a long time. While reducing cycle time is generally a very fundamental objective for anyone in the business of making things there is no avoiding the need to age bourbon – sitting patiently while the cycle time clock ticks – five years and nine months in the case of Maker’s Mark.

The problem is they blew the...

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News of the Day

February 06, 2013

Manufacturing News for today, February 6.

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Where's The Value In This?

February 04, 2013

At $4 million a pop I find it impossible to understand how a Super Bowl ad is a good investment. The math just doesn't square with common sense. The Doritos ads, for instance, were funny and clever but if they make 25¢ a bag (and they don’t) they would have to sell an extra 16,000,000 bags of Doritos as a result of the ad just to break even. I suspect that my family is a lot like most – we buy...

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Interesting News This Week

February 01, 2013

Bringing Manufacturing Back Home

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Time for Tim Cook to Visit Oprah

January 28, 2013

Last week Apple acknowledged the corruption of its supply chain. You can read their report here, and I would suggest skipping the first 28 pages loaded with self-serving claptrap and go straight to the facts and figures. There you will find …

  • 15% non-compliance in “Prevention of underage labor”
  • 38% non-compliance in “Juvenile worker protection”
  • 23% non-compliance in overall compliance in “Labor...
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Manufacturing News Roundup

January 24, 2013

Great story out of Philadelphia from Fast Company. Karen Randall - "a bureaucrat in love with art and machines" - is on a one woman crusade to resurrect textile manufacturing in the city. Who would have guessed there are still 1,200 people making clothing in Philly?

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Manufacturing News Roundup

January 23, 2013

Corning has conjured up the next generation of the sort of glass in touch screens and the like … more important they have figured out how to manufacture it in big quantities. It will be interesting to see how it fits into next generation supply chains now that Apple’s fortunes are flagging and Corning won’t be the tail wagging at the will of the Cupertino dog.

Read the article in the MIT...

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