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The Rise of Paperless Practice Adoption in Manufacturing

August 04, 2015

The work that goes into manufacturing even the simplest of products is a mystery to most people. The fact that a can opener is on the store shelf when they need it is good enough. But industry insiders know more.

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It's Not Management For Dummies

April 29, 2014

It’s always fun to see how the things lean companies do thoroughly confuse traditional thinkers. Toyota’s announcement that they are bringing manufacturing, engineering, sales and finance together in a new headquarters campus in Texas is a good example. At the same time they are moving procurement to close proximity with the design folks in Michigan.

Before the formal announcement from Toyota the...

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Playing to Win, or Playing to Tie

April 08, 2014

In one corner we have the Germans with their love of Technik. At the big show in Hanover robots and advanced automation were center stage – “machines take over factories,” the headlines proclaim; and the experts say, “where the technology has been implemented, increasing automization is leading to significant improvements.” Given Germany’s position as a manufacturing powerhouse and the fact that...

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The Insights of Others

July 16, 2013

Just wanted to steer you to a few interesting pieces written by some other folks that include some very interesting and valuable insights … plenty of foodfor thought to start out your day.

Dan Pontefract on Leadership

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A Roundup of Especially Interesting News

July 01, 2013

Shoulda Seen This One Coming

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Using Manufacturing's Grief As Sleazy Political Fodder

April 27, 2013

A guy named Ohman drew an editorial cartoon mocking the tragic deaths of my fellow Texans and our fellow Americans”, according to Texas governor Rick Perry.

He went on to say, “Additionally, publishing this on the very day our state and nation paused to honor and mourn those who died only compounds the pain and suffering of the many Texans who lost family and friends in this disaster."

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What if They Have a Party and No One Comes?

April 15, 2013

Walmart has announced plans to buy an additional $50 billion worth of American made goods over the next decade. “This is a commitment around manufacturing and more economic renewal. We see it as a critical issue for us in the American economy,” says Duncan Mac Naughton chief merchandising and marketing officer for Walmart U.S.” It sounds a bit like Henry Ford’s $5 day – by paying the workers...

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Leaving Japan Behind

April 11, 2013

Rahul Garga wrote a piece concerning the Japanese economy in Seeking Alpha the other day called “Why Japan Might Find it Hard To Ease Out of This One”.

Among his points were:

“Japan once held a major competitive advantage in the field of manufacturing, which it successfully used to dethrone major Western industrialized countries in many different areas. For example, in 1980, Japan held over 50%...

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Time for Another News Roundup

April 04, 2013

The Customer Service of the Year Award

And the winner is …. Australia’s Georgina Fatseas-Sano, owner of a store called Celiac Supplies. She charges $5 to anyone who enters her store claiming to be ‘just looking’. She declares people who look but don’t buy to be “rat bags”. She has had “a gut full of working and not getting paid.” She’s not there “to dispense a charity service.”

Calling everyone...

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Change everything but your wife and children

April 03, 2013

The popular notion is that young people are somehow naturally more knowledgeable and adept when it comes to technology. I have found that this really means they are better at its application, but woefully ignorant of its core. They can figure out how to get it out of the box and working very, very quickly, but have little or no understanding of binary math, for instance, or how the various...

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Another Week, Another News Roundup

March 21, 2013

The Worker Shortage Issue

A post at the Lean Accountants cites survey results indicating some 91% of manufacturers are having trouble finding qualified workers. Lots going on to resolve this. Businessweek writes about the resurgence of vocational schools. Lots of publicly funded worker training and re-training programs out there, most of them mediocre at best, but the one in Tacoma seems to be...

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