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DocuPhase’s “Business Process Automation” blog will provide valuable insight into how your company can benefit from implementing document management and workflow automation into existing processes.

The Rise of Paperless Practice Adoption in Manufacturing

August 04, 2015

The work that goes into manufacturing even the simplest of products is a mystery to most people. The fact that a can opener is on the store shelf when they need it is good enough. But industry insiders know more.

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Improve Customer Service and Reduce Paper with Document Management Technology

July 09, 2015

Ever anticipate paying full price at the register only to be informed the item is on sale? Ever reached into a cereal box and pull out two prizes instead of one? Making future-proof business decisions isn’t easy. The end-goal is finding at least the one prize you expect. The obvious prize for investing in document management technology is a reduction in paper and associated costs. A plus you...

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6 Ways to Manage, Process, and Track Large Scale Documents

June 17, 2015

Tracking a purchase order, managing inventory or maintaining a list of lender rates isn’t terribly hard to do when it is approached in an organized fashion and kept up with consistency. But what happens when that purchase order, SKU number or lender rate is only part of a larger, more complicated business-critical document? It would be a labor-intensive, ineffective effort to manage, process...

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Overcoming the Burden and Limitations of Paper Documents

June 03, 2015

We have long relied on paper documents to understand the world before our time.  Cultures, world events, even our own family lineages can be understood and examined as if they were happening right in front of us because of the ability to record ideas, events and entire world histories onto everything from early fibers to today’s modern paper choices. 

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Improving Insurance Customer Retention With Document Management

May 29, 2015

Twenty years ago, customer retention strategies in the insurance business included doing fairly simple things like sending holiday cards or tucking a customer survey into an invoice. Fast forward five years and you were ahead of the game if you used email to make these same connections (bonus if you could personalize these engagements in any way). Today, improving customer loyalty and market...

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Learn to Reduce Research Requests from Weeks to Minutes

May 06, 2015

Watch any pre-1980s era movie or show and inevitably you’ll hear a detective, an advertising executive, or a doctor saying with much authority: “bring me the file on Smith” (or whatever name given to the criminal, company or patient).

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What is Workflow Automation?

May 01, 2015

Automation is a wonderful thing.  Waking up to a fresh brewed pot of coffee, for example, comes to mind. Automation makes things easier and faster by removing the human element from a repetitive, mundane task or process - while the coffee pot is brewing coffee for you, what else could you being doing with that time? 

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6 Steps for Lenders to Simplify and Speed Up the Mortgage Approval Process

April 23, 2015

Everyone involved in the purchase of a home knows that seeing a mortgage loan through to the finish line feels more like a marathon than a sprint. The sheer number of individuals and institutions that participate in the process makes it very complicated and time-consuming. But with today’s technology, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 6 steps lenders can take to simplify and speed up...

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4 Ways Technology Can Help Manufacturers Improve Efficiency and Profits

April 21, 2015

It’s been called the next industrial revolution—Industry 4.0. What is it exactly? Industry 4.0 refers to the leap in manufacturing made possible by the digitization of data, encapsulating the entirety of an organization’s people and processes—from the conference room to the manufacturing floor. This enormous, digitally- accessed data source is the groundwork by which new technologies are...

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Reducing Paper Statements Can Save Banks a Bundle Annually

April 16, 2015

Of all the benefits that digital technology can offer, an uncluttered lifestyle is topping the list. Instead of amassing record collections or stacks of CDs, we download hundred-song playlists to a pocket-sized digital device. Roomfuls of patient records, student data - entire libraries in fact, can now be accessed quickly and securely, in just a few clicks. Not only is digital information...

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How Electronic Forms can Minimize Scanning and Data Entry

April 14, 2015

It’s hard to imagine how businesses ever got anything done before digital technology. Papers were signed when the mail was delivered. Customers got answers when a business called them back. And many a pen ran dry while employees and office workers tediously filled out form after form by hand.

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Removing Paper and Busy-Work from the Banking Industry

February 13, 2015

If you work in the financial industry, whether it's mortgage banking and lending, commercial banking, or hedge funds and other high interest opportunities, you have without fail experienced the pains of overwhelming amounts of paper and poorly maintained processes - employees burdened by busy-work, inefficient processes, and lost documents.

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Go Paperless to Add Value with Document Management Software

December 01, 2014

"Going paperless" is a term thrown around the business world every day - let's shed some light on just why it's become so common.

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Using E-mail as Document Management and Workflow Hurts your Business

November 25, 2014

"Oh, I can't get to this right now. I'll "Flag" it for later, no problem."

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How to Reduce Costs with Electronic Forms

November 17, 2014

There are plenty of businesses who use forms both internally and externally.

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Most Common Problems in Businesses Without Document Management

November 13, 2014

It may be surprising, but regardless of industry the problems associated to poor (or missing) document management are generally the same.

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How Document Management Best Practices Ruin Star Wars

October 24, 2014

For today's blog, I wanted to take a step away from the typical "benefits and tips for businesses" topics, and look at how pervasive some of the problems we face really are regarding document management and software solutions.

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Advice for Getting the Most Out Of Your Best Employees

October 22, 2014

As a manager or executive, it can be hard to adhere to even your own standards and practices that are in place to get the most out of talented employees.

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Organizations Fail to Adopt Document Management, AIIM Research Finds

October 03, 2014
This article is a repost from 5/3/2012 featuring great content from AIIM and iDatix. Enjoy the rerun while we prepare and finalize our last details for our HORIZONS conference next week!

iDatix Sponsors Research on Mobile and Cloud in the Enterprise

AIIM, the leading community of information and document management professionals, announced this week a release of their new report, “Process...

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Businesses Lag Behind in Document Management and Tech Adoption

September 24, 2014
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5 Tips to Help Your Office Go Green with Document Management

September 22, 2014

By this time, the phrase "go green" has become commonplace all over the world - green energy, green transportation, renewable resources - it's a hotbed issue in government and business.

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Enforcing Compliance with Automated Processes

September 19, 2014

This article is an excerpt from our white paper, "Policy, Process, and Business Management".

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Gaining an Advantage - Document Management Software vs the Status Quo

September 15, 2014

This article was written by iDatix iNSIDER Steve Weissman. Weissman provides expert guidance on enterprise information management, helping people work better and work better together through improved governance, compliance, and process efficiency. A specialist in managing content, collaboration and communication, he has decades of experience in capture, imaging, forms, content management,...

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Apartment Properties Save Money with Document Management

September 12, 2014

While most apartment property owners continue to use paper for leases, certificates, reports and other documents, Michael Cunningham, managing editor for Property Management Insider, writes that using document management software can help apartment building owners save money and time.

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Finding Files to Prevent Reproducing Work With Document Management

September 08, 2014

Document management software has some seriously powerful features and advantages - have you considered how they will be used and beneficial in day-to-day activities?

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