Think Business Process Management Is for You? Take This Quiz.

Think-Business-Process-Management-is-for-You-Take-This-QuizThe search has begun: what all-encompassing business strategy will solve every problem and generate massive scaling through predictable success?

The only person that can answer that question is you.

Every organization is different: this is apparent in any market. Companies have risen to the top of their industry hundreds of different ways in the last decade, let alone in the last century or so of proven industrial opportunity.

One of the popular solutions gaining steam which spans across multiple-industries and scale points of businesses is business process management, or BPM.

BPM can be defined as a "holistic management approach involving a high efficiency structure that alligns a business's processes with the wants and needs of clients."

While a wonderful definition for a textbook, that doesn't necessarily say what BPM does, or could do, for an organization. We've put together a short list of questions to ask yourself which I will often start with in a process consultation, to help you figure out if BPM is right for your organization.

  • Do I have problems that generate from data entry and/or paper handling?
  • If so, are they problems of speed and/or accuracy?
  • Is my business growing faster than my ability/budget to hire and train new workers?
  • Do I have problems that generate from a departmental communication breakdown which has already been improved as much as possible at the human level?
  • Is there a problem with work getting done the right way AND on time?
  • Is policy and procedure adherence often overlooked due to time constraints or lack of knowledge?
  • Do supervisors spend more time chasing information than acting on it?
  • Would faster and more accurate decisions help make me more competitive in my market?
  • Are there employees or supervisors in my company who spend time enforcing best practices to make sure work is done right, rather than doing more work themselves?
  • Is there an above-average amount of time spent making technology function the way I need it to?

If you have asked yourself these questions and answered yes to more than one or two, BPM is most likely the solution your organization needs.

Try giving the quiz to your co-workers, or decision makers in your organization, and see if their answers line up with yours. The disconnect between the two opinions can often be just as eye-opening as the analysis.

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