New Easy Ways to Increase Employee Efficiency

New Ways to Increase Employee EfficiencyA new generation and style of employee inevitably means designing new strategies for making them more efficient.

In the past, the simple answer was "get technology like robots or something", and suddenly manufacturing and even shipping or other labor-heavy industry tasks were made hyper-efficient.

Now with a focus on services in the economy, how can technology help to keep employees efficient?

The biggest answer is automation.

While employees are, presumably, working to task completion at the fastest pace they can manage accurate and complete work, there are gaps showing themselves in the process.

This is the first place to look for efficiency errors - the process. While employees work, there may be ways that the work was designed to be done that are actually hindering them.

Analyze the workfow of each task in your organization, and you might start to find not only redundancies, but steps that the workers are skipping anyways, or have had to always find a workaround for.

Why bother having those tasks as part of the process?

Remove them. Right away.

Now consider some of the tasks - take for example, any physical act of walking documents to another part of the office or department. Why does this need to be a manual task?

Software for document management and routing can very easily change the climate of the work being done in your organization - automatic routing upon task completion will add infinite amounts of time to clerks and employees in all departments.

Additionally, this allows a system in place to cross-reference completion and check for errors at each step of work that is being done. These are the few redundancies you want - layered redundancies to check for quality ensures that nothing makes it to a customer or client without being of the utmost quality and accuracy - that makes it value adding!

Of course, by viewing the tasks in such a manner as "eliminate THEN automate" the idea is to not just slap a software solution on top of bad processes - the goal is real process improvement through discovery and analysis, AFTER which the application of a software solution might help.

Too often will companies just want to throw money at a problem and end up with software that doesn't do what they wanted, while the processes the automation software is trying to run aren't actually what the company even wants to have going on in the company.

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