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In order to write the blog I have a daily routine of checking out close to a hundred sources and gathering up everything that looks interesting. usually there is no immediate topic in mind - just articles and opinion pieces with some info that might fit into something sooner or later. Some times there is more good stuff than I have the time and space to write about.

Here are a few interesting pieces I have marked lately... I will leave it up to you to decide what lessons can be learned from them.

Happy Birthday Floyd!

A guy by the name of Floyd Pullin turned 102,and bought himself a Ford truck to mark the occasion. It was the 16th Ford product Floyd bought over the many years, and some Ford employees put together a video thank you for him.


An Uncommonly Cohesive Conglomerate

Great - very long, but great - piece in Strategy + Business on the lean transformation across the various divisions of United Technologies. They are one of the very few publicly traded big guys that can make a case for lean success. I warned you- it's a long one, but well worth the read.

The U.S. as One of the Developed World’s Lowest-Cost Manufacturers

Report from the Boston Consulting Group on the inevitable boom in US manufacturing. Seems we are the new low cost location ... at least among he developed countries. Interesting stuff.

Web Sales Remain Small for Many Retailers

Seems a lot of retailers are wrestling with the conundrum of how to combine the waste of their brick and mortar businesses with the leaner web selling model. How to create value in the stores is a tough one, but the big problem is recognizing the waste. Why should the customer pay full price for a product on line - that did not incur the cost of all that waste? But if they charge less for on line purchases, reflecting something closer to the value of the product, why would anyone come into their stores?

Disruptive change is tough stuff - most will not accept the new and emerging realities, and go by the wayside

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