iDatix Releases iSynergy 4.0


The Leading BPM Software Gets Even Better

iDatix has been revolutionizing solutions for document management, workflow automation andbusiness process management for over ten years. Their robust, powerful and business altering platform, iSynergy, recently received a makeover that further enhances and modernizes both the technological features as well as the end user experience.

iSynergy is a business solution that is easy to use, integrates with a host of other programs and is completely customizable to a business’s specific needs. While the ease of use is a primary feature of the system, it can be as simple or complex as needed to meet the requirements of an organization.

When first introduced a decade ago, the innovative technological features of the software quickly set it apart from other products in the industry. Achieving much recognition through the years, iDatix continued to be on the cutting edge of business process solutions. This newest release includes several advanced features including a new framework for enhanced security, mobile application support, cross browser capabilities and workflow performance optimizations, to name a few.

“We are excited about the new developments being introduced in the latest version of iSynergy. When you compete in the technology industry, you can’t afford to lag behind, so staying on the cutting edge with innovative features and forethought development is essential to the success of our business. Planning for the future allows us to continually meet the needs of our clients, before they realize the need exists,” noted Steve Allen, founder and CEO of iDatix.

One of the key additions to the new release is the accessibility. Configured to fully function on devices such as the iPhone and iPad, it is now even more manageable and flexible than previous versions. Mobile enhancements allow for access virtually anywhere. The web based interface can be accessed on any browser wherever there is an internet connection.

A turbo charged ‘light’ version of the program allows for speeds ten times faster than in earlier editions. Searching, editing and indexing are now faster than previously seen.

Customer service and support has been a key focus of iDatix since its inception, and is expanded even further in 4.0. The online support function has been integrated with iSynergy, so help topics can be searched and accessed more readily. Assistance is available right at a user’s fingertips.

Enhanced security features mean you never have to worry about your private data. With the rule based restrictions controlled entirely within the organization, companies can be confident and secure in their document protection. Customizable permissions even allow for businesses to grant specific access to their clients for enhanced customer service without the worry.

Overall, iDatix is pleased with the new system and expects that clients will quickly see the capabilities and advantages that iSynergy 4 provides. With insightful developments and the technological advancements of the new version, the company expects to see even more growth going into 2012.

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