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    iDatix Inducted into the KMWorld Hall of Fame

    Posted by Chris Lewis

    Aug 9, 2011 11:57:35 AM

    With the extremely high volume of vendors within the enterprise content management industry, it can be a tedious job identifying the key players from the rest of the pack. Fortunately, the experienced editorial team over at KMWorld does most of the heavy lifting.

    Each year, the KMWorld editorial team evaluates numerous ECM solutions on its quest to identify only the cream of the crop. For the last four years running, iDatix’s ECM solution, iSynergy, has made KMWorld’s list of Trend Setting Products of the Year. The accomplishment is something the hard working team over at iDatix does not take lightly as it is a direct reflection of the superiority of their solution.

    The Trend Setting Product of the Year award would have been more than enough for the iDatix team to hang their hat on but then KMWorld took it a step further. Just recently, KMWorld inducted 15 new companies into their ECM “Hall of Fame”, iDatix being one of the select few.

    Steve Allen, the Founder and CEO of iDatix, expressed his excitement.

    “This is an honor that we put high on our long list of accomplishments. To win an award is one thing but making the Hall of Fame represents years of consistently over achieving. I personally would like to thank the entire KMWorld team as well as all the hardworking, dedicated team members we have here at iDatix.”

    iDatix is by far not new to the ECM industry and has collected numerous awards over the years, but this one appears to be headed straight for the top of the shelf.


    About iDatix

    iDatix provides technology solutions that allow users to innovate their approach to managing content within the enterprise and use technology solutions to drive innovation within their business by the way they are able to store, automate and distribute content. Their flagship solution is the iSynergy platform, designed to solve transactional and paper-based problems in accounting, human resources, customer service and operations. iSynergy provides a scalable solution, with sophisticated features that are simple to use.

    About KMWorld

    KMWorld ( is the leading information provider serving the Knowledge Management systems market and covers the latest in Content, Document and Knowledge Management, informing more than 45,000 subscribers about the components and processes – and subsequent success stories – that together offer solutions for improving business performance.

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