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    iDatix Corporation Now Hosting Manufacturing Leadership Center

    Posted by Chris Lewis

    Jan 22, 2013 11:38:58 AM

    New Resource Area Features Lean Expert Bill Waddell

    CLEARWATER, Florida – - January 22, 2013– For over twelve years, iDatix Corporation has been committed to helping organizations achieve continuous process improvement through innovative tools, advanced technology and expert instruction. The company is proud to announce that it will now be hosting the Manufacturing Leadership Center with world renowned lean expert Bill Waddell.

    The site will be the primary resource for leaders in the manufacturing industry and will explore various aspects of manufacturing excellence. Waddell will be sharing his knowledge, opinions, experience and ideas to point out the failures of companies, organizations, and individuals in the manufacturing industry while also lauding those that understand true excellence.

    “We are very excited to be working with Bill Waddell and hosting the Manufacturing Leadership Center,”states Jonathan Beaton, Director of Marketing. “We have designed it with the expectation that it will become the primary resource for news, information and knowledge in manufacturing.”

    Bill Waddell is a global supply chain expert, one of the original Lean Accounting ‘thought leaders’, has served as a technical chairman for various manufacturing quality forums, and is regarded as a leading expert in manufacturing. As a consultant, Waddell has worked with manufacturers of all sizes throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as in Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. As an author, Bill has written Simple Excellence and Rebirth of American Industry and is the most widely read manufacturing blogger on the internet, joining the Manufacturing Leadership Center from his previous location at Evolving Excellence.

    “The Manufacturing Leadership Center is a great opportunity for me to go beyond blogging and pull together the best thinking on manufacturing management from sources in every corner of the world. My previous location, Evolving Excellence, has been a great forum, and it has offered the ability to form relationships with some great manufacturing thinkers,” states Bill Waddell. “Through the Manufacturing Leadership Center we can take that exposure and those relationships, and with the iDatix technology and commitment to the manufacturing sector, leverage them into a comprehensive source of leading edge thinking for all of manufacturing management.”

    In addition to white papers, videos and articles, Waddell is also accepting questions from site visitors. In a weekly post, Waddell will answer a readers question and feature on the homepage. Other leaders in the manufacturing space are encouraged to submit their own content to the center as well. Interested individuals can view the submission guidelines at

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