How to Solve Your Biggest Problems with Business Process Management

How-to-Solve-Your-Biggest-Problems-with-Business-Process-ManagementEvery business has problems.

It's difficult to remember that sometimes when we see problems in our own organizations - often we immediately assume that no other professional has faced this problem and that no generalized approach would help prevent it from happening again.

Business process management is the deal-breaker in this scenario.

When solving problems with BPM, the most important first step is to be sure that you are looking (and ready) for true BPM.

Often, business will confuse business process management with business process improvement - BPI often refers to a short-term and unique set of tasks and solutions to improve the organizations functions with permanent improvements and changes through redesigning or improving processes. Strategies that often come to mind are Six Sigma, Lean, Total Quality Management (TQM) and Michael Hammer's "reengineering".

BPM is a commitment to meeting the organization’s performance goals by managing its processes. While often strategies like Lean and Six Sigma will overlap into long term plans for BPM, it is easy to forget that the management plan involves a continuous feedback loop. This will make sure that the business processes are in constant alignment and performing to the expectations of all involves.

Free Process Automation Consultation So how does this prove BPM solves your biggest problems?

Any problem that can easily be overcome by process improvement isn't, in reality, one of your biggest problems within your organization. Those problems are short term, reparable, and generally capable of being changed.

Your biggest problems must be addressed by BPM or they can be the downfall of a company - these are things like overarching communication breakdowns, misalignment between departments, and wasted work through a company. These all have root causes that are addressed by the constant awareness and agility approach of BPM.

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