How to Make Human Resources a Benefit to Your Organization

How to Make Human Resources a Benefit to Your OrganizationManagers, CEOs, and even employees and knowledge workers in large organizations often see Human Resources as a hindrance, or at best a necessary but non-value-adding procedure.

Why is this the case? Why is this opinion shared across so many industries and companies?

Often, HR is the thing that employees and managers alike must "wait" on. There always seems to be an HR step or problem or form that stands between you and your next task during onboarding, or even simple tasks like getting insurance cards.

How can you change this and maximize the interactions with HR?

Onboarding is the first place to start - first, automate as much as possible. If there are a large number of paper forms involved in onboarding as there are in most organizations like proof of ID, eligibility for employment, insurance or benefit forms try automating them as electronic forms.

Then as new team members or brought on board, they can simply enter the information through an online portal from home before they even begin employment.

When forms are missing, powerful automation systems can set-up additional document requests that automatically notify applicants or new hires if there are problems or missing documents with their paperwork.

Now this changes things for the HR department, and solves where much of the problem and perception of HR comes from - the human resources team can now be available to stop sorting paperwork and start doing their jobs more effectively and adding value to both the employees and the customer.

Wait - HR can add value to the customer? Of course!

Human resources has the benefit of being the connector piece to every aspect of the organization through it's most important resource - the people.

Why not leverage that instead of considering it a burden to be carried?

Consider using the organization's HR department for things like team-building, and company cohesiveness - the "corporate culture" really is that easily obtained - it seems like a silicon valley pipe dream at first, but with conscious effort into streamlining onboarding and the HR department as whole, suddenly human resources becomes a valuable resource and starts to contribute wholeheartedly to the company.

Once an efficient and resourceful department is in place, many CEOs and managers start to wonder how the company existed before - new hires will have a lower turnover rate, and be a better fit for the company as well, increasing the desire to bring in more talent.

The snowball effect of a strong human resources department is readily apparent. Automate the tasks that don't need constant human attention, and allow employees to thrive in their new modern environment.

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