How Business Process Management Can Make You the Office Hero

How Business Process Management Can Make You the Office HeroAre you one of the most valuable employees at your organization, but want to lock that status in? Maybe your company is undergoing upheaval or looking to "trim the fat", and you want a way to identify yourself from the crowd.

Your best choice? Business process management, for a few powerful reasons.

Nobody likes wasting time. Some BPM projects will never leave the ground because that's what (uninformed) managers may assume the high concept of business process management will be - a waste of time. This is rarely true of said projects with proper execution and planning. This is where you can come in, and take the reins to truly guide the project to success, and show the nay-sayers that BPM projects can be undertaken in a simple, elegant way.

If you are the kind of employee who can help influence the workers around you to make the effort and changes necessary, show supervisors and executives that. The members of the company above you will applaud your drive and motivation to make the business succeed.

The added benefit? Your coworkers will stand behind you, because true BPM and process improvement initiatives will require initial effort but eventually make your team's life easier in day-to-day operations.

Who doesn't want to get more work done with less wasted effort?

Business process management not only increases productivity, it includes the potential for waste reduction. This means increased profitability for the business, and more funding for other improvement projects.

The real goal is to enter into a less-than-vicious cycle where improvement and management projects provide opportunity for growth and/or scaling, which lead to even better changes throughout the organization.

Projects inevitably need funding of one kind or another - whether it's in the form of staff, material resources, or actual cost, the projects should pay for themselves in under a year.

A good business process management software provider will be able to show you return-on-investment inside that time frame, allowing expectations to be set and future plans to be made.

Free Business Process Review Imagine a workplace where work is not duplicated, and becomes less tedious by automating mundane tasks.

Try talking to the accounting or HR department in your organization (or answer the question yourself if that's your specialty) - what would it mean to the quality and quantity of work accomplished if business rules were automatically enforced without added effort or human error, allowing the company's most valuable asset (the people) to do more work at a higher level of quality than ever before?

Be the hero your office needs by providing a means of cost and waste reduction, as well as overall long term business improvement through business process management strategies and tools.


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