From Fragile to Agile: Business Process Automation Webinar

From-Fragile-to-Agile-Business-Process-AutomationIn today’s rapidly changing business environments we need our systems working together in harmony while providing the best interfaces to our users and customers.

Traditionally, we have gone to great lengths to specify and document our requirements that then become stagnant, take months or years to develop and only to find that they fall short of our expectations and are too rigid or expensive to update, modify or change. We then have to put manual systems in place as workarounds making our grand solutions fragile and subject to uncontrolled employee processes with little to no visibility. 

How do we get out of this cycle and create an “Agile” business environment in which we can rapidly change with the needs of the business? How can we manage the flow of business requirements and what kinds of tools can help implement immediate and effective solutions? How do we bring together the People, Processes and information we need to get work done while having our solutions communicate seamlessly in the background without it taking months or years to develop?

Free Process Automation Consultation iDatix will be presenting how they have effectively moved many businesses forward into an Agile Business Process Automation environment. The Presentation will include:

  •         Change is the New Business Requirement
  •         Adapt and utilize current solutions in a more Agile Business Process
  •         The Process of Process Improvement
  •         Automating Processes WITHOUT IT
  •         Tools that support an Agile Business Environment
  •         New Standards of Visibility and Accountability
  •         Maximizing Employee and Customer engagement in Business Processes

The iDatix hosted Process Excellence Network Webinar entitled "Fragile to Agile: Business Process Automation" will take place on Thursday, May 15, at 11AM and will last for one hour. Register for the free webinar today - spots are still available.



Steve Allen drives the product vision of iDatix to develop solutions that combine people, processes and information. With a career that started at IBM in robotics, he has always focused on automating the business process and simplifying the user experience through technology. As an engineer, Steve's early career focused on product and user interface development designing electronic devices for consumer, healthcare, marine and avionics products. He has spent the past 16 years focused on office automation and business process management, developing products for character recognition, forms processing, document management and workflow.

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