Businesses Lag Behind in Document Management and Tech Adoption

The last several years have been full of innovations and technological breakthroughs that have allowed businesses to manage and streamline processes and operations in a more efficient manner than ever before.

Document management and workflow automation software are some examples of how firms have been able to expedite their processes. However, because technology moves so quickly, it can be difficult to stay in step with new trends and breakthroughs, especially among small companies or startup enterprises.

A recent survey by Office Depot points out how some companies haven’t been able to adapt to new technologies as quickly or efficiently as market conditions and clients may demand.

According to the retailer’s most recent Small Business Index, more than two-thirds of surveyed businesses – 67 percent – claim issues with their computers have inhibited their productivity and ability to do their jobs, underscoring the importance of securing computer networks, backing up data with appropriate document control and workflow software and teaching employees how to manage such systems.

“These latest survey results indicate a need for a knowledgeable and reliable resource for small business technology needs,” said Randy Wick, vice president of merchandising for Office Depot.

“For solving computer-related issues, only a handful (7 percent) of small businesses have a computer technician on-site and a majority (52 percent) rely on third-party companies to fix their computer/IT problems,” the report added.

The important thing to remember is that paperless document management is a solution that will likely become a necessity for companies, so it’s vital that businesses learn and implement such systems now, as growth in the tech and manufacturing sectors will only make for larger amounts of data for which to be responsible.

The Office Depot survey also found a majority of computer repairs surveyed businesses reported paying for were a result of virus or malware issues, providing evidence of the need to implement secure networks.

Recent research from Unisphere Research and the International Sybase Users Group found a number of businesses aren’t automating their business processes and data security strategies, thereby creating large amounts of lost productivity. These two reports should influence business owners and IT professionals to take their document control and security methods seriously.

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