Advice for Getting the Most Out Of Your Best Employees

Advice for Getting the Most Out Of Your Best EmployeesAs a manager or executive, it can be hard to adhere to even your own standards and practices that are in place to get the most out of talented employees.

The urge to be involved from start to finish on projects and the requirement for accountability are common factors that lead towards this tendency, but it's always important to remember that you hired talented workers who are, in a perfect world, even more qualified for the job they're doing than you are.

That's where the most important part of the process for getting the most out of your employees comes in - get out of their way!

This doesn't mean leaving them alone and to their own devices at all times. It just means empowering and troubleshooting to a point where the people that are supposed to be doing the work in your company are finally able to, freely and accurately.

A huge step towards empowering your workers can be to ensure that you are sharing goals and objectives, not instructions.

By sharing these aspects of your involvement as a manager with the company, not only can the workers see what you are doing and what you are hoping for, but what the business or department should be accomplishing as a whole entity.

With automated processes, this is even easier and becomes a highly encouraged practice since workers know where their work enters and exits the process for any given tasks, as well as providing metrics to use with the associated feedback.

Real feedback creates a two-way conversation - this is necessary for all effective managers!

With clear communication that function both ways, workers will feel like they can come to you with both their problems and their success or even suggestions and ideas regarding the company!

Again, streamlining can play a large part here. No one likes bureaucracy - it's taking a chunk out of not only the identifiably positive work that workers are doing, but also eating into productivity across the company. Multiple managers, unclear expectations, and a cluttered or disorganized work environment can contribute largely to office operations.

These problems can be cleared up by having well-defined processes in place that focus on efficiency throughout the company operation, and then by automating and enforcing those rules with existing or additional software and the associate best practices.

Office-wide engagement and increased output even from star employees is completely within the grasp of any company who wants to make the commitment to it in their organization.

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